Welcome to ‘LowCarbTogether’ a website designed to help you on your journey to wellness through low-carb eating. We are Katie and Giancarlo Caldesi – chefs, restaurateurs, authors and teachers.

Through reversing Giancarlo’s type 2 diabetes we have become pioneers of low-carb living and here we share our experience along with resources, recipes, science and suggestions plus a lot more besides.

Have a look at our unique CarbScale in our Why Low Carb section which will help you understand the amount of carbs you should be consuming in a day.

You will also find more on Giancarlo’s story which I am sure will ring true with many of you.

Have a look at our recipe section which we are adding to all the time. You will see the carb counts at the bottom of each one so you can be sure you know you don’t exceed your daily amounts.
Finally always check with your medical practitioner before starting a new diet, particularly if you are on medication.

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Check here for information we have collated from the experts who helped us on our journey to low-carb eating, Dr David Unwin (the low-carb GP) and nutritionist Jenny Phillips as well as other sources from across the globe.

Dr Unwin has worked with us across Giancarlo's journey into remission from type 2 diabetes and has written the forward to both our current low-carb cookbooks. He has also worked with us with the many articles and recipe features we have produced for The Daily Mail which can be found on their on-line site.

Click below for a wealth of information from our contributors plus handy charts that explain the science and logic behind the diet.

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Low-Carb Courses

Low-Carb In 30 Minutes - NEW!

Gerrards Cross, Bucks

On this recipe packed course you’ll be learning some great tips and tricks on how to recognise high carb foods and sugars as well as how to replace portions of potato, pasta and rice with much healthier and equally filling alternatives.

11 Aug 2020


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Low-Carb Cook-A-Long With Katie - Online Course

Live Zoom

The low-carb cookery movement is growing as people discover the health benefits of adopting a low-carb lifestyle and Katie (who is author of Amazon best selling low-carb cookbooks) will demonstrate how easy it is to create tasty yet satisfying low-carb dishes into your diet.

13 Aug 2020


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Low-Carb Cooking Demos With Katie - Online Course

Live Zoom

On this course Katie (who is the author of two Amazon best-selling low-carb cookbooks with another due next year) aims to show you how adopting a low-carb diet doesn’t mean you have to miss out on your favourite dishes as she shows you some great low-carb alternatives.

14 Aug 2020


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Giancarlo's Low-Carb Lifestyle - NEW!

Bray on Thames

On this recipe packed course you’ll be cooking a varied selection of Mediterranean dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner (all of which feature in the new book) and learning some great tips and tricks on how to avoid high carb foods and sugars as well as how to replace filling portions of potato, pasta and rice with much healthier and equally filling alternatives.

22 Aug 2020


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Katie's Forum

Have you got any questions for Katie? Just click through to her ‘Reverse Your Diabetes’ Facebook page and leave a comment on any post and she’ll do her best to answer. PS:- She can’t help with medical questions and will reply within the week.

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Giancarlo's Story

Something was seriously wrong with Giancarlo Caldesi. The successful, energetic, larger than life character was listless, overweight and depressed. He had excruciating pain in his joints and everything was an effort. Find out how Giancarlo found better health through a low-carb lifestyle…

Read Giancarlo’s Story

Our LowCarbTogether Nutritionist

Jenny is a science-based Nutritional Therapist with degree level qualifications in Chemistry and Nutritional Medicine. She is author of Eat to Outsmart Cancer, has co-written the two diabetes & weight loss books with the Caldesis and Dr David Unwin, and is contributing author for Kick Sugar with dentist James Goolnik.

Jenny is also a yoga teacher and offers retreats and workshops, encouraging people to invest time in themselves to future proof their health by eating better, moving more and enjoying time with likeminded people.

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Low-Carb Events

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The Diabetes Weight-loss Cookbook

The Amazon best selling cookery book that was born from Katie and Giancarlo Caldesi’s adoption of a low-carb lifestyle after finding that Giancarlo was suffering from type 2 diabetes. It’s packed full of science and helpful hints plus loads of great low-carb recipes to help you lose weight and reduce your blood sugar levels.


The Reverse your Diabetes Cookbook

Following on from the success of their bestselling book ‘The Diabetes Weight-loss Cookbook’ Katie and Giancarlo Caldesi are back to guide you through how to reverse the progress of type 2 diabetes, lose weight and bring your blood sugar levels down to a normal level.

Our Restaurants

While famous for their authentic Italian food and drink our restaurants are unique in offering many low-carb alternatives on their menus. Check out our restaurants and menus here:-

Caldesi in Campagna
Caldesi in Marylebone

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Site Disclaimer

The information in this website is only part of how any particular person may decide which diet or indeed lifestyle is best for them. If you are on prescribed medication or suffer from a significant medical condition we strongly advise you to consult your own doctor before making changes. For example improvements in lifestyle and weight loss may also significantly improve your blood pressure or diabetes control requiring a reduction in medication.

The science part of this website is written from the viewpoint of people with type 2 diabetes or those wishing to lose weight. The recipes may also be suitable for people with type 1 diabetes provided of course that you consult your doctor as advised above.